TECO Machinery sales uk erire and south africaTECO Tray Formers and Case Erectors
TECO Tray Formers and Case Erectors
for the conversion of diecut corrugated blanks

TECO Packaging machinery box making and tray erectors worldwide

C-TEC Systems Ltd are  "Exclusive Agents and the only authorised suppliers of Teco Equipment in the UK, Eire and South Africa. 

TECO are manufacturers of automatic tray forming equipment for the conversion of diecut corrugated blanks. The Teco Range are renowned for their excellent reliability, high output speeds, quick set capabilities and a good price quality ratio.

All customised systems from Teco are fully supported by a dedicated team of experts offering reliable back-up and assistance when and where required.

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TECO T2N Tray Former

Teco T2N Tray Former - As the successor to the renowned Teco 2S machine the new T2N Tray Former is designed for total flexibility and stability. It has quick changeover capabilities with easy operator access and runs with minimum wastage during production - The T2N can run at speeds up to 40 pcs/min.
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TECO T3 Tray Former

The TECO T3 is an automatic tray former for the production of diecut corrugated trays with columns. The machine produces a wide variety of box sizes and styles from the simple platform to more complex tray constructions with open and closed columns in single or double wall. The T3 can run at speeds up to 35 pcs/min.
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TECO FA46 Case Erector

The FA46 - Case Erector for forming American style FEFCO 0201) RSC boxes by using hot melt glue or adhesive tape systems as required. With quick size change and reliable forming the FA46 Case Erector can run at speeds up to 13 pcs/min.
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The AC03 - Plastic Tray Erector 

The AC03 - Plastic Tray Erector - This new generation of machine from Teco the AC03 Tray Erector is an ideal partner for companies using collapsible plastic trays for a multitude of applications in the food and industrial products sectors. Due to its stainless steel construction this equipment is ideal for use in damp and wet environments. The AC03 can run a speeds up to 20 pcs/min. 
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Teco Spares and Service

Teco Spares and Service

All Teco machines are maintenance friendly and offer a low cost of ownership.

sales agent for teco  uk eire and south africa

C-Tech - EXCLUSIVE agents for UK, Eire and South Africa.

Skilled technical team is ready to provide support with:

  • Tray construction
  • Positioning of our TECO tray forming machine into your packaging line
  • transport systems and conveyors


  • T2s easy-to-use tray former
  • High productivity and reliability
  • Quick changeover time
  • T3 Fold and glue all most common kinds of tray constructions
  • Corrugated and solid board
  • Base Model upgradabile
  • Column styles
  • Teco Spares and Service.

Teco. provide a wide range of solutions designed to deliver efficent auto production of tray formers and case erection.

Teco automatic tray forming equipment for the conversion of diecut corrugated blanks
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