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tanabe jd boxr
In 2002 JD Engineers commenced with the development of a series improvements for multi point folder gluers. These improvements came about as a result of problems experienced by our customers. The solutions which range from a simple machine part through to a complete computer-controlled, high-speed, Servo system. All the mechanical and electrical components, including software, are developed and carried out by JD Engineers - a customized solution!

All customised systems from JD Engineers are fully supported by a dedicated team of experts offering reliable back-up and assistance when and where required.

JD Engineers will install and upgrade a wide range of folder gluers. The range of upgrades includes: Feederbelt controller, Counting systems, Servo Systems for backfolding hooks, Glue controllers, Stopper systems, 6-point folding systems, Extra folding belts etc.

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Tanabe JD Boxr


The new Tanabe JD Boxer specialty folder gluer is state of the art, with servo drives and large user friendly operator touch screen controls. Servo drives, offer precise control, minimize board jams and allow faster fault resolution.



With speed and accuracy that are highest in the industry, the redesigned Tanabe delivers precision and folding repeatability. Improving on JD previous designs, the advanced JD control systems gives the operator easier access to all available information

Tanabe JD Boxr -Gluers

  • Industry leading Tanabe mechanical design
  • European controls
  • World class folding and gluing
  • Asuperior specialty folder gluer - Percise control - speed and accuracy that are highest in the industry

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    JD Engineers Brochure
    jd enginners brochuew tanabe boxr folder gluer
    New JD Tanabe BoxR
    Speciality Folder Gluer

Specialising In

JD Machine Control

  • Glue Control
  • Back Fold Control
  • Feeder Belt Speed Control
  • Special Fold
  • T-Fold
  • Jam Detect
  • Auto Set
  • Glue Detection
  • Folding Belt Control
  • Squaring System
  • Kicker
  • Rotating Squaring
  • Counter
  • Conveyor Control
  • Latest Squaring Unit
  • Online Support System
  • Machine Safety

JD Engineers provide a wide range of solutions designed to deliver long-term improvements to your company’s efficiency.

JD Engineers
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