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c tech robotis automation for the packaging industry

C-TECH design and integrate logistic automation solutions in order to improve material handling at the infeeds and outfeeds of your converting machinery.

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C-TECH Engineering

Our engineers have years of experience in the development of solutions for all types of issues. Quality, is always a priority for us. We maintain all the elements of machine engineering under one roof.

C-TECH Robotics - Folder Gluer Feeder Robot specifically designed for the Corrugated Industry

  • Logistics - logistic automation and production automation,
  • Side Press - Obtains a neat and straight bundle
  • Non Stop Rack - Stand-alone non-stop rack
  • Servo Folding Hook - Neat and precise folding motion
  • Sheet Flipper - Turns over freshly printed sheets
  • Robot palletisers can pick up bundles of boxes or filled boxes and position them
  • Wender Robots -tipping devices to change or remove pallets
  • Corrugated feeder robot - a feeder robot specifically for the corrugated industry
  • Soild Board Feeder Robot - supply any flat-box format to the infeed of the folder gluer
  • Printer or die cutter feeder - used to place flat boxes in the infeed of a printer or die cutter, straight or rotated.


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    Diecut Forme Storage Systems

    C-TECH Machines, Diecut Forme Storage Systems

C tec robotics  uk eire and south africa

C-Tech Systems - EXCLUSIVE agents for UK, Eire, South Africa, Austrailia and New Zealand


  • Logistic Automation
  • Autopacker
  • Side Press
  • BoltMachine
  • Non Stop Rack Solid Board Feed Rack
  • Servo Folding Hook
  • Sheet Flipper
  • Robotics
  • Pallet Robots
  • Robot Palletiser
  • Printer / Die Cutter Feeder
  • Corrugated Feeder Robot
  • Solid Board Feeder Robot
  • Diecut Forme Storage Systems

Production Robotic Auotmation

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